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Girl WoW Players

September 30th 2006 by ThumbGods Editor in Gaming News 1 comment

There’s another ‘net manhunt in China. On WoW. Look what happens when girls game. Personally, I think anyone lucky enough to get a girlfriend over WoW and meet her in real life and find out she really is a cute 18-year-old girl should be thanking the Nerd Gods instead of taking advantage of her. In […]


World Of Warcraft: The Boardgame

September 26th 2006 by ThumbGods Editor in Gaming News 0 comments

 World of Warcraft: The Board Game allows players to choose their characters (not all races and character combinations are available) and decide whether to fight for the Horde or the Alliance. No word on whether I can be a tailor in the boardgame version, though. BoardGameGeek (It’s a website, not someone I dated. Really.) says […]


Great Graphics on PS3 Japan

September 23rd 2006 by Marsha James in Gaming News, Next Gen Consoles 11 comments

Take a look at the excellent graphics coming soon from White Knight on the PS3 Japan version video game. How much longer before the characters in video games looks so real you think your watching a movie? White Knight PS3 game for Japan 0


WoW: Outland Interactive Map

September 19th 2006 by Yzabel in In The Media, MMOGs/MMORPGs 9 comments

“Beyond the Dark Portal lies the shattered realm of Outland, the broken remains of the orcs’ homeworld, Draenor. Among the ruins of this world, the survivors of the cataclysm are trying to rebuild, and in other parts of Outland, life continues to thrive. Those brave enough to make the journey through the Dark Portal will […]


Best of Niner Niner September 06

September 18th 2006 by Marsha James in Gaming News 1 comment

In Blogging Naked, Britain holds their first masturbate-a-thon and in China they put an end to funeral stripteases     And in Bookadoodle Nancy Callahan continues her Getting Published series, while Starbucks sells childrens books and publishers contine to make billions Next up in Boomer 2.0 scientists try to map our neanderthal genes The unemployed […]


Video Games: Dent In Your Wallet

September 14th 2006 by Marsha James in Gaming News 0 comments

If you are looking forward to the newest game systems then be prepared to pay and pay big. Playstation 3 alone will have two versions that cost $500 and $600. When they said a cheaper model I don’t think most of us envisioned $500 as being “cheap”. Nintendo says the Wii will not exceed $250 […]


Video Games Didn’t Cause The Shooting

September 14th 2006 by Marsha James in Gaming News 0 comments

A college student walked into a Canadian college and started shooting in what has now become known as Canada’s Columbine. This of course started those against video games to start shouting their usual nonsense. They are once again blaming this shooting on violent video games and saying that they need to be removed. Last time […]


Leisure Suit Larry and Frisky Sims

September 14th 2006 by ThumbGods Editor in Gaming News 0 comments

If you want to buy my a present, it could be Sex In Videogames, by Brenda Brathwaite. This book, which came out last month and for some reason, isn’t available in my local (Chinese) bookstore, discusses game-related sex, including game ratings, censorship and changes in the industry. I think this will be a fascinating read, if it […]


Zombie Attack

September 11th 2006 by ThumbGods Editor in Gaming News 13 comments

Capcom’s new XBox game, Dead Rising, requires a hi-def TV screen. On a regular TV, players can’t see the instructions and find themselves in a mall, surrounded by zombies. Angry zombies? Definately a good reason to get a new TV! 0


Pro-Gamer In Need Of A Babysitter

September 8th 2006 by ThumbGods Editor in Gaming News 0 comments

Eight-year-old Victor De Leon likes swimming, reading books, and eating Happy Meals. Oh, and blasting foes in the face, then finishing them off with repeated blows from the butt of his battle rifle. From Fragged By an Eight-Year-Old Is this a future game designer? Or an example of horrible misparenting? This second grader charges $25/hr for videogame […]


China’s New Altruism Game

September 2nd 2006 by ThumbGods Editor in Gaming News 0 comments

Usually my local net cafe is full of boys and young men playing CounterStrike for hours on end or staring at the lao wai girl (your results may vary). As internet gaming becomes more popular, it’s having some surprising effects in China. China is home to the Beijing Internet Addiction Treatment Center. It may not […]