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Play videogames and get fit?

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Over at Collabofit they just added tracking your video game playing time as a fitness activity. You don’t get a lot of points for it but at least they acknowledge that you can actually work up a sweat playing.

I’m one of the developers for Collabofit and thought that it would make sense to add that as an activity you can track. If you want an invite so you can start tracking your own fitness stats, let me know (send me an email to gserafini [at] and I’ll send you a free invite).

With the Nintendo Wii this may actually be useful.

Read the whole story about how they’re the only fitness site to consider playing videogames to be a fitness activity here.

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Naked Gnome Protest!

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A lot of WoW players are annoyed about the Warrior changes that are expected with the Burning Crusade expansion, but someone decided to start an ingame protest. someone on the forums asked everyone who’s not so pleased about the Warrior changes to create a level 1 Gnome Warrior on the Thunderlord server, meet up and thenmarch naked from Ironforge to the gates of Stormwind.

Although Blizzard says that“Anyone caught participating in this event or any event with the sole purpose of disrupting the game play for others will be punished.”I think it’s a great idea.

 More naked gnomes! Less whining in the forums!

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Firefly MMORPG in the works

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After writing Buffy and Angel, Joss Whedon wrote almost a season of a new space western, Firefly, before it was cancelled.  DVD sales of Firefly and sales of tickets for the movie Serenity were incredibly high. And now it’s going to be a game.

According to the new report, The Multiverse Network, a network of MMOGs and the makers of a free MMOG technology platform, expects to announce later today that it has signed a deal with Fox Licensing to turn the short lived science fiction drama into a MMORPG. “We see virtual worlds as an extraordinarily promising new entertainment medium,” commented Fox Licensing’s vice president of media enterprises Adam Kline in an e-mail. “We believe Multiverse can deliver an experience that will remain true to the original series, while enabling a whole new level of personal involvement for fans.” While the television series itself was cut short after a handful of episodes, Firefly’s fan following has been nothing short of zealous. The movement even helped spur a feature film based on the continuing misadventures of Capt. Mal Reynolds and his motley band of smugglers who travel the galaxy aboard a rather humble ship named Serenity. From Gamasutra.

 Not bad for a cancelled show.

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Wii Have A Problem

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There is a new website called that is all about the destruction of the Wii. Or at least the destruction the Wii controller is causing. In a problem I’m sure 99% never saw coming, the controllers are slipping out of peoples hands and breaking whatever is in the way. Even with the handstrap on it is not making a difference in some cases. The strap seems to be less than sturdy and is either slipping off or breaking completely causing major damage to some major electronics.

Its kind of ironic that many have bought the Wii systems because everything else is expensive, but then they end up losing more money when the controller breaks their brand new $3500 tv system.


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PS4 Coming Soon

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If your still healing from the bruises, and gunshot wounds you received from your wait for the PS3, then you’ll be glad to know that a Sony Exec has announced that you can expect the PS4 sometime in 2010. So you have 4 years of game play before your new and super expensive gaming system becomes a paper weight.

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Free Wii

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SwapGame has an awesome promo right now. Every 50th subscriber gets a FREE Nintendo Wii. All you need to do is move to England.

If you do live in the UK, just visit and sign up for a membership before Dec. 31st.

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