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Known Issues With Patch 2.3

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I really like the new WarCraft patch, but some people, uh, don’t. Here’s a list of known issues with patch 2.3, from the guys at

-Dwarven racial Find Treasure is deactivated on death.
-Undead Males main hand weapon is appearing larger than previous builds.
-Equipping a thrown weapon while in the middle of an Auto-Shot will cause animation issues.

They seem pretty minor to me, but check out the full list here!

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Two New Nintendo DS Bundles

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Just in time for the holidays, Nintendo releases two new DS bundles. One bundle features a gold colored DS and comes with Zelda: Phantom Hourglass. Also, a metallic rose colored DS is available and comes with the Best Friends version of Nintendogs.

The Nintendo DS is sure to be on more than a few Christmas lists this year. With two new bundles, it gives those buying a DS a few more options.

Zelda is always popular with fans, and the gold colored case with the Zelda logo do make this a must-have fanboy item. Nintendogs is the flagship game for the DS that is very popular with kids, especially girls. Sporting a rose color with a metallic finish should be a hit with boy and girls alike.

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WoW Almost Free In China

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So I heard a rumor that the masterminds at Blizzard were about to change World Of WarCraft from a monthly subscription to free in China. I was pretty excited, my boyfriend and I have been talking about getting a copy of Chinese WoW to practice our Chinese as we slay bad guys, and waiving the monthly fee would definately motivate us.

Unfortunately, it went the way a lot of stories in the Chinese media go… a retraction.

Zhao Yurun, deputy director of The9′s marketing and public relations department, told Interfax that reports of any free-to-play plans for WoW were “speculation” and “rumor” on the part of media and gamers, despite the quotes from The9′s CEO. Zhao declined to comment further.

From Tianjin Daily, from Kotaku.

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Coolest Girl in School

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A controversial new video game for girls implies that stealing, sexual dalliances, drug use and gossiping pave the path to teenage empowerment, with the express objective being to “lie, bitch and flirt your way to the top of the high school ladder.”

Coolest Girl in School is billed as the young woman’s answer to Grand Theft Auto, the hugely popular series in which players steal cars, kill police officers, and indulge criminal impulses. The girl-centric role-playing game puts a magnifying glass to the darker side of school life, with participants encouraged to experiment with fashion, drugs, sexuality, cutting class and spreading rumours in an effort to win.

Full story here.

I think calling this game a girl’s version of GTA is an attempt to attract hype and controversy to this new game. And… I don’t see it as anything new and shocking, just another failed attempt to market a second-rate game to girls.

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Minimap Changes With The New WoW Patch

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I was a little worried that the new patch for World Of WarCraft would go like a new version of Windows and “fix” what isn’t broken, but the new improvements are great! The WoW interface is even easier to use, if that’s even possible.

The minimap in the top right of the screen has undergone a lot of minor improvements. Nothing earth-shaking but a lot of small convieniences. Questgivers with an available mission are now yellow exclamation points on your minimap, and those waiting for your return are yellow questions marks.

Your finding ability will now locate class and profession trainers, vendors, flightmasters and repair shops. The only possible improvement I could think of is a mailbox locater as well.

Finally, your mailbox icon still appears when you have new mail, but now you can mouse over the icon to see who sent you the new mail. These are all really minor changes so there’s nothing to learn or readjust to, but they’re helpful and make the interface even easier.

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I like long walks on the beach, champagne and slaying Horde.

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world of datecraft.jpg

This isn’t a joke, it’s an actual World Of WarCraft dating site, where WoW gamers can meet other players for some OOG adventures. The site’s pretty new, still in beta, but already has quite a few users. Users tell their faction, race, level and in-game professions on their profile, as well as the usual location/job/maritial status info.

Sharing a hobby like WarCraft is actually a great way to begin a relationship. You already have something pretty major in common, and you won’t find out a few weeks or months into the relationship that your new SO likes to stay up all night questing. (I also think how a guy plays an RPG, especially a multiplayer one, can tell you everything you need to know about his boyfriend abilities)

As with any dating site, though, some of the users are a laugh. Check out Anya’s profile (NSFW! Warning — her user pic is a shot of her butt!) here:

datecraft profile closeup.jpg

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Why We Game

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I’m reluctant to link to anything GamerHelp publishes since their recent faux pas, calling a series of pictures of half-naked girls molesting their consoles a feature on girl gamers. Yeah, right, we doll up in lingerie to play WarCraft. Sure.

But Jason Fryers 11 Reasons We Play Games is brilliant. It’s a laugh for all gamers, but it’s so true!

#11: The Childhood Dream
Everyone had an ideal career picked out as a child. The majority of the time they are unrealistic goals that will likely be unmet. Kids want to be pro athletes, super heroes, secret agents, and music icons. Who hasn’t pretended to hit the game winning home run in the World Series, foil a super villain’s evil plot for world domination, sneak around the house as if they were on a top secret mission or play air guitar to their favorite song? These dream jobs are out of reach for the average person. Thus we find one of the reasons why gaming can be so damn satisfying; you can be whatever you want to be. Whether you want to be Joe Montana, Spider-Man, a double agent, or a member of the Black Sabbath there is a game for you.

Examples: Madden, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, X-Men Legends, Splinter Cell, Guitar Hero

Or # 7:

# 7: The “Eureka” Moment
We have all done it. At least, if you are honest with yourself, you will admit it. Link runs around Hyrule for days but can not be led into further progress in the game. Everything has been checked and double checked but still there is no way to continue forward in the dungeon. It is impossible. You think, ‘there’s a freaking glitch in my game.’ And then and calling on your problem solving skills you think, ‘oh, wait a minute. Why didn’t I see that before?’

The gratification the player gets from overcoming some grueling obstacle or enemy in a game after many failed attempts is something that is hard to match in the real world. And that “eureka” moment, that virtually all gamers have experienced at one time or another, is one of the biggest reasons why we return to the same video game time after time. Triumphing over something you once thought impossible is another reason why many are so passionate about gaming.

Examples: The Legend of Zelda series, the God of War series

Or #6, or #4, oh, just read the whole thing!

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Does the rise of casual gaming spell disaster for the young, male demographic?

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GameIndustry.Biz has an awesome article about the rise of casual gaming and casual gamers, and what that does for the gaming demographic. It’s no secret that there are more and more casual games (think Wii party, etc.) and more and more gamers who aren’t young men.

Suddenly, games software and hardware is attracting audiences wider than many commentators dared to hope for. Nintendo is selling console and handheld hardware to them; Sony is selling them software to run on the household gamer’s existing consoles; a number of smaller firms are stealing away their lunch hours and coffee breaks with advertising supported web games.
Whatever it does for the actual demographic, I hope it changes the stereotype of gamer away from “unshowered teenage boy”.

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Barrens Chat Meets AOL Chatroom

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Does anyone remember good old Compuserve?

AOL’s timely acquisition of Compuserve and all of its associated assets in the late 1990’s included a tiiiiiiiny domain name that at the time seemed little more than a footnote on an enormous business deal. That domain?, which is currently laying dormant and unused, as it has throughout the massive surge in popularity for World of Warcraft. AOL has been missing out on some serious coin! Apparently they’ve finally thought of the connection between their domain name and the most popular video game in the history of the industry (oh geniuses, I salute you!), and have transferred it to the AOL Games division from PlayGirlz

This isn’t entirely about bashing AOL. Now that they remember they’ve got the domain, rumor has it that AOL plans to turn into a WarCraft social network.

More info from TechCrunch

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WoW Gamer Measures Azeroth

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Tobold, a VERY dedicated WoW gamer says this:

It takes quite some time to completely explore every corner of the World of Warcraft, Azeroth. But how big is this world in square miles or square kilometers? While other game companies brag about the size of their worlds, Blizzard is keeping mum about this. So I had to go out and measure it myself.

He hiked his avatar all over Azeroth and counted paces, then multiplied to work out the square mileage of Blizzard’s world. I
If you want to see his results, check his blog. Or you could, I don’t know, run some quests in WoW. I’m just saying.

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