Majesty 2 Preview

July 6th 2009 by ThumbGods Editor in PC Games 0 comments

What happens when you take a pinch of fantasy RPG, a dab of Populous, and wrap it in a warm crust of Sim City? You get Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim. Majesty was a unique breed of RTS released for the PC in early 2000. …

Fans will be happy to hear that Majesty 2 is keeping very faithful to its predecessor. For those unfamiliar with Majesty (which I’m sure must be the vast majority of you; it’s pretty obscure), here’s the rundown: it’s sort of an RTS. You’re the king, and as the king, it’s your job to build, expand, manage, and defend your kingdom. Basically, it’s the base-building and unit production without the combat. Trust me, it’s more fun than it sounds.

This is a pretty detailed review, although it does include a major annoyance of game reviews: saying how obscure and unusual the game you’re reviewing is. This always rubs me the wrong way… if I’m reading it on a major site or in a major magazine, it can’t be too obscure, and if I’m reading a smaller indie site, then I wasn’t looking for Gears of War or Sims news.

I was already pretty enthused about Majesty 2, but it’s good to hear that the fun elements of Majesty will be kept and the game will be prettified and updated for a new release.

Via GamingEvolution.

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