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Gender and Gaming

November 30th 2009 by ThumbGods Editor in Discussion 1 comment

As a woman gamer, I tend to focus on my own experiences feeling a bit out of the mainstream gamer culture. I realized that women gamers are not the only side subset when I met Jeb Havens (formerly of Cyberlore), and read some of his commentary as a gay gamer. But this intro post on […]


Game Review: Cooking Mama 3

November 30th 2009 by ThumbGods Editor in Game Reviews, Nintendo DS 13 comments

Game sequels are in a tough spot. Go too far from what we loved in the original, and players who loved the first game will lose interest in the second. Stick too close to the original game, though, and players feel like we’ve bought the same game in a pretty new case. Cooking Mama 3 […]


Beta Opp: Avalon Heroes

November 23rd 2009 by ThumbGods Editor in Beta 0 comments

From the burda:ic press release: This is what adventurers have been waiting for: On November 25, 2009, the games publisher burda:ic will start the Closed Beta phase for the eagerly anticipated free-2-play online strategy game highlight Avalon Heroes. Starting immediately, all registered members can sign up for the one-of-a-kind Closed Beta at With a […]


BeeAppi’s CyberWord

November 7th 2009 by ThumbGods Editor in Gaming News, iPhone 2 comments

New iPhone dev studio Bee Appi officially launches their first creation today. CyberWord is a candy-colored Bejeweled-meets-Boggle, built for whiling away time on the train or in the waiting room, but with an addictive blend of  match-3 mechanics and wordplay. “Most word games simply ask the player to look at the screen,” developer Karen Jirak […]


What We’ve Been Talking About On ThumbGods

November 6th 2009 by ThumbGods Editor in Gaming News 0 comments

I recently reviewed My Boyfriend, Women’s Murder Club:  Games of Passion, and Lost in Blue 2 for the Nintendo DS (more on Lost in Blue 2 here), as well as Mystery of Cleopatra, Tales of Monkey Island: Launch of the Screaming Narwhal, and Nancy Drew Dossier: Resorting To Danger on the computer (Not to mention […]


Game Review: My Boyfriend

November 4th 2009 by ThumbGods Editor in Game Reviews, Nintendo DS 6 comments

I was way too excited for the new My Boyfriend game. I anticipated all the fun of Sim dating, plus my favorite guilty pleasure (changing my avatar’s clothes every five minutes), without all that tedious eating and sleeping and meter-watching of actual Sims. I really wanted to like it. I wasn’t lying in angry-feminist wait […]



November 4th 2009 by ThumbGods Editor in Gaming Discounts, Gaming News, PC Games 1 comment

Telltale Games is following up their Talk Like A Pirate Day free game with a free download of Muzzled for Wallace and Gromit’s 20th anniversary. Via Telltale Games – Wallace & Gromit 20th Anniversary 1


The Dark Side of Facebook Games

November 3rd 2009 by ThumbGods Editor in Discussion 0 comments

TechCrunch has a good piece on Facebook spamming hell over at Scamville: The Social Gaming Ecosystem Of Hell. When I think of the Facebook games spamcycle, I usually think of autoinvites, and invite-500-friends-to-read-your-horoscope apps, but this goes further into the dark side of Facebook games. Via Scamville: The Social Gaming Ecosystem Of Hell 1