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Flash Game: Music Catch

Posted on Feb 26, 2010 under Game Reviews | 1 Comment

If you’ve ever zoned out watching your iTunes visually represent your favorite songs, this game is for you.

Music Catch is a game the way Frisbee is a game. You’re really enjoying the good weather and time with friends, as you toss the Frisbee and half-heartedly keep count. With Music Catch, you’re doing the same thing, enjoying relaxing music and images.

This isn’t a hardcore game by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a fantastic mental vacation. Shapes drift across the screen, changing color, size and flow to match the music. You idly try to scoop up yellow shape and avoid red ones, but no stress. This is one of the least copetitive games I’ve ever seen.

I’ve played a lot of games that claim to be different, but are really just a pretty version of match-3 or hidden objects. Music Catch really is different.

Bookmark this for a relaxing break on a busy day!

Via Reflexive Arcade: Music Catch.

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Alan Wake Trailer

Posted on Feb 21, 2010 under Gaming News, Xbox Games | 1 Comment

Alan Wake is an upcoming XBox game that reminds me of a Stephen King novel. A horror writer goes to a small town to get away from it all, mysterious disappearance, information from his next book that he doesn’t remember writing…

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One More Turn…

Posted on Feb 19, 2010 under Gaming News | No Comment

The rumors are true — Civ 5 is on the way.

In its latest, unyielding attempt to subvert societal productivity, 2K Games has announced Sid Meier’s Civilization V, the latest entry in the venerable strategy series. Set to debut on PC this Fall, Civilization V brings “an astonishing new engine” to the polite, turn-based proceedings and promises to excel the franchise with “the introduction of hexagon tiles allowing for deeper strategy, more realistic gameplay and stunning organic landscapes for players to explore as they expand their empire.” Most hexcellent news indeed.

Via Joystiq, more info at

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Flash Game Friday: GROW!

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I blogged about the adorably addictive Grow Tower a while ago.  There’s also an RPG-themed Grow that I somehow missed. The mechanics are the same, you’ll grab icons on the sides to drop items into the world and then watch those items grow and interact and build new features.

The major difference is that a little adventure happens in your Grow terrain. Your terrain grows into all the RPG constants — a castle, a tower, a monster, a magician, and so forth — and a tiny adventurer sets out though all the  fantasy staples. (screenshot above shows our adventuring friend looting treasure)

Bookmark the Grow RPG-adventure game to play when you need a smile.

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Lego Universe Trailer

Posted on Feb 18, 2010 under In The Media | No Comment

I’m already sold on Lego Universe, but this cute trailer is worth watching just for the dark, evil Lego-men holding up cardboard cutouts of the happy, dancing Lego-men.

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Beta Opp: Zodiac Online

Posted on Feb 13, 2010 under Beta | No Comment

Zodiac Online is a new free-to-play, turn-based MMORPG opening an open beta test. Zodiac Online adds turn-based battles to the usual F2P fantasy MMORPG, making combat simpler, with less of a learning curve, hoping to cater to players new to MMO combat.

Zodiac Online offers an environment inspired by Chinese mythology. The twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac feature prominently, as does the mythical Jade Emperors. Players take on the role of a “zodiac envoy,” helping in an epic battle between humans and demons. Sign up here!

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Posted on Feb 12, 2010 under Gaming News | 1 Comment

GLPeas, the British indie developer behind the Xbox Live Carcophony, announce their new project BlindGiRl, also for Xbox Live.

GLPeas’ stated goals are very Meg-friendly, with a promise to develop innovative, unique, non-violent games with an emphasis on gameplay over pretty graphics. No guns and no 3d shininess. Sounds fantastic, but they’re mysteriously silent about exactly what BlindGiRl is. You can follow their evasive Twitter stream in hopes of finding out more.

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Beta Opp: LEGO Universe

Posted on Feb 10, 2010 under Beta | 14 Comments


Want to help beta test the upcoming LEGO universe? Course you do. Go here to sign up!

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Robot Dance-Off

Posted on Feb 09, 2010 under Gaming News, In The Media | 3 Comments

Ok, so it’s not a game, but who doesn’t love dancing robotic hexapods?

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Prancing Around The Forest

Posted on Feb 08, 2010 under RPGs, Xbox Games | No Comment

Publisher Paradox Interactive (of Majesty 2, East India Company and Elven Legacy), and new developer Arrowhead Game Studio have released a new preview trailer for the upcoming console game Magicka.

If you watch game trailers and read games news as much as I do, you’re probably sick of hearing how this release is completely groundbreaking and new and the most epic awesomeness EVER. But Arrowhead Game Studios knows that a fantasy RPG really involves running around the forest in your bathrobe, waving a glowy weapon.

Yeah, sure, Magicka will also have a fancy elemental magic system, when you can combine your water power and your fire power and make a steam attack (could you also combine water and earth for a killer mud attack?), but I think they had me at “prancing around in a bathrobe.”

Arrowhead Games is brand new to me (Have you heard anything about them? Comment and let me know!), and Paradox Interactive also expects to release Arsenal of Democracy later this month and Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West later this year.

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Indie Games Updates

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TayKrOn, the folks who did the PC game Slide Colors, as well as bunch of Kongregate games, announce the launch of Slide Colors for the Xbox.  I reviewed Slide Colors fir Indie Game Mag a few months ago, and my IGM review was quoted in the press release announcing the XBox version. The XBox version will cost 80 Microsoft points, which is a dollar in non-stupid currency, so it’s well worth checking out this match-three.

SubSoap, behind Faerie Solitaire (did I mention how much I liked this game?) are planning the launch of an episodic sequel.  I thought the original Faerie Solitaire was adorable and I can’t wait to see the new features.

Finally, don’t forget that Indie Game Mag is running a sale through Valentine’s Day!

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Arsenal of Democracy

Posted on Feb 05, 2010 under PC Games, Strategy Games | 1 Comment

Paradox Interactive, the team behind Majesty 2, East India Company and Elven Legacy, has announced the completion of the new World War II strategy game, Arsenal of Democracy.

Arsenal of Democracy was developed by BL-Logic in partnership with Paradox Interactive. The WWII strategy game is hardly a new concept, but BL-Logic has created an ambitious title with AoD, offering players a detailed historical setting with in-depth challenges and detailed control over their nation’s economic, diplomatic and military choices. Players can battle enemies on land, air and sea, or control espionage, political alliances and international trade, with a wide range of customization available.

Arsenal of Democracy will be available for $19.99 at all major distribution portals starting February 23.

Paradox Interactive also expects to release Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West later in 2010.

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Indie Game Mag Pay-What-You-Want Sale

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Want to subscribe to Indie Game Mag without paying $25 a year? As gamedrinkcode has pointed out, gamers can only spend $10 on their hobby, which is why Indie Game Mag is offering a Pay What You Want sale. Get a year’s digital subscription for $1, or $10, or however much you’d like, now through February 8th. Which Mike seems to think is Valentine’s Day.

Via The Pay-What-You-Want We Heart IGM Sale

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