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Massive E3 Game Release List

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I was at E3 this year, but somehow I spent most of my time being on the wrong side of the conference center (why didn’t anyone tell me the LA conference center was so big?) or wandering around in sensory overload (videos do not do it justice), or meeting friends (yay!). Fortunately the BingeGamer crew made better use of their time than I did, and offers a a massive list of games and release dates from E3:

Every year, E3 brings us more game announcements than one human could possibly keep track of. Unless that human is named Allison Boyer. Because she’s so awesome, that for a second year in a row, she’s compiled a list of all the games shown and/or announced at E3, along with their release dates.

She would be much more awesome if she wasn’t writing this herself, in third person.

Via E3 2010: Comprehensive List of Release Dates | Binge Gamer Dot Net

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Word Record for Non-Stop Gaming

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Press releases that land in my inbox:  



Attempts to Beat the 40 Hour Gaming World’s Record on July 16, 2010 in Rotterdam


Gamers Use Vogel’s TwistDock at Marathon to Keep Controllers Charged for Continuous Gaming
July 13, 2010, Eindhoven, Netherlands, - Vogel’s, the leading European market leader in Audio/Video & TV mounting solutions, announced today that on Friday, July 16, 2010 at 1:00 PM Central European Time (CET) in Rotterdam, Gerdi Vogels, CEO of Vogel’s, will give the starting shot for a new Guinness World Record attempt for Non-Stop Gaming.  The world’s record attempt marks the introduction of the new must-have accessory for the Sony PlayStation®3 (PS3TM):

Vogel’s TwistDock


Gamers to Play Red Dead Redemption for Entire Weekend – Ultimate Test of Stamina & Endurance
On July 16th at Dixons, the largest chain store in the Netherlands, the marathon session for the Guinness World Records will begin with six champion gamers spending the entire weekend – day and night – playing Red Dead Redemption on the PS3.  The gamers will attempt to beat the current World’s Record of 40 hours for gaming in the racing category with the help of Vogel’s TwistDock providing non-stop play by keeping their PS3 controllers continuously charged.  The Guinness World Record winner will receive a 1,000 Euro prize plus a TwistDock docking station for the PS3.

“During this attempt to break the record, it’s all about stamina and perseverance.  The current gaming Guinness World Record in the racing category is 40 hours,” said Albert Zeeman, VP of Innovations, Vogel’s and the inspiration for the record breaking attempt.  “Of course, we want to beat this record. And we’ll find out if we do on July 18th.  Exciting!”

No word on whether the players will be eating Hot Pockets.

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Landit Bandit, from The Bearded Ladies, comes out in the US today!

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Landit Bandit, from The Bearded Ladies, comes out in the US today.

That’s all.

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Moonbase Alpha

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NASA’s new educational space game is out on Steam today.

A few days ago, I was invited to check out NASA’s new game, Moonbase Alpha. Fortunately for you, it was still under wraps so you all were spared my clever, clever puns about a Moonbase Alpha beta.

Via Moonbase Alpha on Simpson’s Paradox

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Michelle Malkin Beta Testers

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I have a alert set up for beta opps, so this landed in my inbox today.

Do you use an Android-based cell phone? We are looking for some beta testers to give our Android app a spin.

UPDATE: Thanks for the overwhelming response. The beta signup is now closed. If you missed it, don’t worry – you will not have to wait too long before we release the app to the general public on the Android Marketplace.


I’m dying to find out what it does. Takes news and turns it into crazy, maybe?

Via Michelle Malkin » Looking for beta testers

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What We’re Talking About On ThumbGods

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Ok, my E3 haze is beginning to lift, and it’s time for a wrap-up of  what we’ve been talking about on ThumbGods. We’re talking about the love survival kit app, watching the DragonQuest IV trailer, looking forward to Landit Bandit. Ranker sent us the sexiest videogame commercials. On the E3 front, we’ve gotten caught up in E3 excitement, checked out the new Civ 5, reviewed IndieCade games. (Are you following IndieCade? You should be!) We’ve let you know about the Fallout MMO beta, and adorable button-masher Princess Fury, and indie hit Stranded Without A Phone. And we still have hints for MyTribe on Facebook.

And what E3 coverage would be complete without booth babes?

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Landit Bandit, from The Bearded Ladies

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Swedish indie devs, The Bearded Ladies, are announce the launch of their retro-inspired helicopter-adventure game Landit Bandit. The game promises co-op or duel mode, sexy girls and killer penguins.

The feel-good digital game of the summer has finally landed. Literally. Join eccentric characters Marley and Lander, as well as hot island babes and Tommy Gun-wielding penguins in Landit Bandit: a retro-looking, 3D casual-physics-based-helicopter game now available on the PlayStation®3 Network priced at a mouth-watering 12.99 Euros.
Landit Bandit has the depth of a cool-blue ocean and offers gameplay to suit a universal audience. Players can compete for the high-score on the global leaderboard – as well as battle head-to-head in 6 unique duels – or work co-operatively across a 20-level campaign against the backdrop of gorgeous 3D levels ranging from the picturesque desert islands to the cool, ice-filled tundra, each packed with enough humour to keep you laughing out loud from one level to the next.
David Skarin, CTO of The Bearded Ladies is elated at the release, “To have our game on the PlayStation®3 Network is great. Its a testimony to the hard work and raw talent of our small independent studio. We’ve defeated a string of self-imposed, gruelling milestones and overcome technical challenges akin to the cerebral workout being offered in the game that would leave any bearded lady weeping. The release brings joy to our hearts, although the real excitement is going to come in monitoring the reaction of the players”.
CEO/Producer, Haraldur Thormundsson added, “We have fulfilled our dreams with the release of Landit Bandit on the Sony PlayStation store. Its been one of the most rewarding expeditions I’ve been part of to date. To have shared the milestone with such a talented – not to mention eccentric group of creatives – is also very special. We’re all confident that players will enjoy the retro-goodness and LOL just as much as we did during the development”.
The North American gaming community can expect to get their hands on the controls of Landit Bandit from July 13th.

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Heroes of Kalevala Video

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From the press release:

Tampere, Finland – July 1, 2010 – 10tons Ltd announced today a brand new game called Heroes of Kalevala. Heroes of Kalevala is a village-building match-3 game. The game world is inspired by Finnish national epic Kalevala. The game will feature state of the art match-3 mechanics, an extensive village building meta game, and several hero characters from Kalevala for the player to meet.
“We’ve always loved match-3 games that are original and provide polished playability. We created a tiny match-3 game called Ice Breaker way back in 2004 and now we wanted to revisit this classic genre.”, said Sampo Töyssy of 10tons. “Our goal was to create a modern match-3 game with all the best parts from existing games seasoned with some new twists. We also have an original meta game that interacts heavily with the match-3 game. Since the whole team is from Finland, it’s been fun and interesting to create a game that draws inspiration from Kalevala.”
Heroes of Kalevala will be available for iPhone and iPod touch around August 2010. More platforms will be announced later. Heroes of Kalevala is developed with the support of the MEDIA programme of the European Union.

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